Miriam Wei Wei LoPoetry. Storying. Creed.

This is where I … endeavour … salt away … celebrate … mourn … partake…

Miriam with a bookSo I write poems.

and other stuff: reviews, stories, even kidlit (Bree’s Forest Adventure). People have been kind enough to publish them (mostly the poems) in many fine literary journals and in collections like The Penguin Anthology of Australian Poetry, Contemporary Asian Australian Poets, and To Gather Your Leaving.

My first book of poems (about my grandmothers) won the Western Australian Premier’s Prize for poetry. A second edition is out now with Apothecary Archive.

I throw up a grappling hook into the air above my head. It catches, and holds. I start to climb.

PRAYER | Miriam

Miriam at the beachI love the beach!

And I have a dog.

But let's not jump to too many conclusions.
I’m also nerdy …        There’s a PhD in Creative Writing (UQ) in the filing cabinet. And an Hons degree from UWA (where I was taught not to start sentences with ‘And’). Recent qualifications include some serious online upskilling with Akimbo Creative.

It’s the lifelong learning that matters, though. If you want to watch me try things out (stupid fails and all), sign up for my newsletter (down the bottom) or follow me on Instagram @miriamweiweilo. And if you want to know more about me, go here.

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This is where I try things out:
This is where I keep things:

This is where I celebrate:
This is where I mourn:

tiny ideas, proto-poems, a single imperfect line.
poems I like, objects that provoke questions,
images that tell stories.
publications and projects.
loss and what-didn’t-work-out.

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Thrilled to be one of this year's Westerly Mid Career Fellows. 

Excited to be working with writers like Aditi Arun, @ana_brawls,  Kirwan Henry, and @brooky.brooks (Brooke Dunnell).

Really appreciate this opportunity to keep working on my Autographs project.

Huge thanks to Westerly Magazine KSP Writers' Centre Retreats and 
Copyright Agency Cultural Fund for this wonderful opportunity.

More info here: https://westerlymag.com.au/westerly-writers-development-program-and-mid-career-fellowship-participants-2023/
Slip out to the Cockburn Wetlands after a big day at the Writers Fest in Freo ... this walking poetry tour will bring our feet to the water and our imagination to the borders of flight.

Featuring poets @sairywhy @luisayarns 
@jmasamaka @nishadcrz @poetofjazz

Curated by @soulreserve and yours truly.

Poster design by @rohitkanchi 

Artwork: a still from Satoshi Kon's Perfect Blue.

#perthpoetry #wapoets #cockburnwetlandscentre
Looking forward to the launch of this first collection by @soulreserve (aka Lakshmi Kanchi) this Friday 6pm @centreforstories

#firstcollection #poetrybooklaunch #poetrybook

Creative Writing Hub

If you’re wondering what I offer for free?

I do convene a community creative writing group that meets monthly. This is open to all genres of writing. We currently count novelists, lifewriters, screenwriters, songwriters, and poets in our membership.

  • We meet to spend time writing, with the option of sharing our work with one another and giving each other feedback.
  • We seek to encourage writers who work from a faith-based perspective.
  • We hope to encourage and engage respectfully with writers who work from other perspectives.
  • Both digitally and in-person. We alternate between North and South of the River locations, with a Zoom option for those who want to attend online.


Email me here mlo@sheridan.edu.au with Creative Writing Hub in the subject line.