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So I've got this new book ...

Who Comes Calling?
(published by WAPP)

It's got all the old favourites like "Bumboat Cruise on the Singapore River", "Searching for Words", and (of course), "Home".

It's also got plenty of the new favourites like "Still Searching", "Catching the L-Words", and "In Memory of Katrina Miles".

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On Who Comes Calling?


There are so many gifts here:

History experienced as history lived in a body; kindness and the difficulty of kindness; tender and patient reflection in the presence of pain. In the face of bullet holes. This is a work of generational, locational and situational instrospection that yields, at its own life-fruiting pace, a gleaning—of courageous clear-seeing; of compassion addressed to contradiction and contention; of empathy.

I am thankful it came calling.

Alvin Pang

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tiny ideas, proto-poems, a single imperfect line.
books I like, objects that provoke questions,
images that tell stories.
publications and projects.
loss and what-didn’t-work-out.

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Thanks @candlestickpress for this shout-out on your socials and your blog!

Go here to listen to me read two poems out loud: 

Love what you do to keep #poetry alive!

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My sonnet made the cut for The Candlestick Press Poetry Comp "A Walk at Christmas"!!!

Thanks @poetofjazz and @alvinpang for the feedback that pushed this poem past mediocrity. Re-writing makes the best writing.

Thanks also @candlestickpress for this opportunity - can't wait to see this Poetry Pamphlet in print! ❤️
Into The Wetlands! Really  pleased to be part of this community-sourced anthology along with SO many other poets I respect!

Thanks for bringing us together @soulreserve, @thewetlandscentre and @nandichinnapoetry ♥️

The best bit? Reading poems by two of my kids! Love your work, Em and Dave!
Lovely hanging out with Luisa Mitchell @luisayarns and Judith Huang @judtheobscure at the Westerly launch last Thursday! 

So much to read and enjoy issue in 68.1 ... including work by Tiffany Ko, Alan Fyfe, Luisa Mitchell, Julie Watts, and many others ♥️

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