Lineage. Femininity. Faith.
Through the lens of poetry.

Miriam. An aussie (of sorts). A poet (and storyteller).

Born in Canada and raised in Singapore, Miriam Wei Wei Lo has made Australia her home. She is of mixed Malaysian-Chinese and Anglo-Australian descent. She studied first at the University of Western Australia and then obtained her Ph.D. in Creative Writing from the University of Queensland.

Her first book, Against Certain Capture, published by Five Islands Press, won the 2004 Western Australian Premier's Award for Poetry. She currently teaches creative writing at Sheridan Institute. She lives, with her extended family, on Whadjuk Noongar Boodja in Walyalup (Fremantle), Western Australia.


Me, in my own words

I currently work as an academic, but I have done stints as a piano teacher, student librarian, kindergarten teacher, poetry workshop convenor and once even as a research assistant for a merchant bank (that didn't last long). I have done the unpaid labour of a mother and housewife. I currently work as an academic.

I am interested in developing and refining models of feedback for use in the creative writing classroom, both in a peer-to-peer as well as an instructor-student context. I prefer to work from a hermeneutics of affirmation, where suggestions for further development of the work are couched in a context of attentiveness and encouragement. I have an emerging research interest in the use of poetry as part of reflective practice for health professionals, especially midwives.

Through poetry I explore the kaleidoscope of my polychromatic cultural upbringing, my struggle with the under-valuation of traditional "women's work", and the place of my Christian faith in a broken world.

Miriam's poem "Home" read by Anton Jarvis

Sheridan Institute of Higher Education

I love to facilitate creative development.

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The units I currently teach are:



Introduction to Creative Writing


The Writing Life




Writing Project

Journeying through the years


Toronto, Canada

Miriam Wei Wei Lo was born in Toronto, Canada in 1973. Her heritage is Chinese-Malaysian on her father’s side and Anglo-Australian on her mother’s.



A little Miriam moves to Singapore, away from the freezing cold and thin air into the tropical heat and air saturated with the piquant smells of street food.


Western Australia

The place where Miriam's mother grew up starts to become her home.



Off to subtropical Brisbane with her spouse.


Margaret River

Living the life of a country pastor's wife and mother of three.


Boorloo (Perth)

Working as an academic at Sheridan Institute. Living with her in-laws in an extended family household in Walyalup (Fremantle).

School appearances

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Poetry Feedback

I have some availability to provide feedback on individual poems and poetry manuscripts, but do not provide this service for free. My time costs $55 an hour, but if you are experiencing financial hardship I am open to negotiation.

Other Services

Here are some poetry-related services I can provide.


Within their brevity, Lo lucidly evokes these women’s characters and times. Against Certain Capture adopts this approach, offering 21 shortish poems, devoting half to each grandmother. She does so by subtly deploying poetic craft.


Hello kith, and those akin...

If you're looking for anything to do with poetry or writing, I'd love to connect with you. I run a free monthly community writing group through Sheridan, but am always up for an in-person catch-up or a Zoom call. So drop me a line!